Winship at Emory Midtown

Designed to win the fight—The Winship Way

Rendering of the Winship at Emory Midtown building

Cancer attacks the body from the inside, and fighting it has always required moving—to appointments, to therapies like chemo, to surgery. A one-size-fits-all approach.

But we know we can fight cancer better from the inside, right down to your DNA. And now from the outside with a new building that centers patients in specialized community care: Winship at Emory Midtown.


Aerial view of upper floors of Winship at Emory Midtown building

Research discoveries open new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancers. But that new knowledge also requires opening doors and removing walls.


Winship at Emory Midtown rendering of interior space
Winship at Emory Midtown rendering of exam room
Winship at Emory Midtown rendering of interior space
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Winship at Emory Midtown rendering of interior space
Winship at Emory Midtown rendering of exam room
Winship at Emory Midtown rendering of interior space


Next-generation cancer care demands connections, not barriers. It requires collaboration and collective thought and action. Winship at Emory Midtown is designed so that researchers, physicians, and other experts open their collective knowledge to the patient and fight cancer together.


In each care community at Winship at Emory Midtown, a patient can expect individual expert care, driven by discoveries and diagnostics, developed through innovative technologies, treatments, and clinical trials.

Winship cancer researchers in the lab


This vision, the Winship Way, comes from a hard-working team with personal experience in cancer. Cancer patients and their families helped design Winship at Emory Midtown.

People giving feedback to Winship plans for this building


This state-of-the-art building will allow us to transform the cancer care model through a more integrated, focused, and personal experience. By reinventing the urban medical center to be warm and inviting, we are able to inspire confidence and change perceptions about health care.


Visionary philanthropists understand Emory’s potential as a world-class academic medical center. The level of care at Winship at Emory Midtown will surpass best-in-class practices at top comprehensive cancer centers nationwide, and our building is the foundation to a new way forward.

Rendering of Winship staff consulting patient and family member


Our building is part of a specific approach: We go far beyond mere location and stage to see into the cancer cell, determining what’s driving it and what will stop it. The diagnostic imaging, advanced lab tests, tumor sequencing, biopsies, expert analyses, and more are ordered, performed, and analyzed all within the cancer center.

Winship at Emory Midtown rendering of main entrance at night

Rendering of Winship at Emory Midtown rooftop garden


Naming a space at Winship at Emory Midtown is a meaningful way to support this brand-new model of cancer care.

With 450,000 square feet—the equivalent of eight football fields—spread over 17 floors, there is a wide range of philanthropic opportunities.

Create a legacy synonymous with our revolutionary approach to fight cancer—The Winship Way.

Join our visionary team lifting up people with cancer.

Together we will transform cancer care.

Rendering of exterior Winship at Emory Midtown building


Jennifer Morton

Associate Director of Development, Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University Advancement and Alumni Engagement

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