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Emory’s Eagle Connections program is the foundation to building meaningful, long-term relationships between alumni and incoming and/or admitted students. Online connections take place from a student’s college admission through their first year of enrollment. By cultivating these student relationships early on, alumni will be a key factor in supporting the new student experience at Emory!

If you are an Emory alum who would enjoy a flexible, remote opportunity to engage with students during their early college experience, register to be an Eagle Connections volunteer today by joining the Alumni Admission Network!

A partnership between Advancement & Alumni Engagement, the Office of Undergraduate Admission, and the Office of Undergraduate Education that connects incoming and/or admitted first-year students with alumni to build meaningful, supportive relationships from admission to enrollment.

“At Emory, community involvement and positive contributions are highly appreciated. The Alumni Admission Network allows me to contribute to Emory in a small way and ensure future students fit the values that Emory is looking for.”

“Eagle Connections made it easy to communicate with alumni. It was cool to learn about Emory alums and career paths in my major.”

“Participating in this program allows me to give back to the Emory community in a similar way that it has equipped me with unique experiences through academic and campus involvement as an undergraduate.”

“I was thrilled to join AAN so I could continue serving as an introduction to Emory for students. This has allowed me to share my passion for Emory while meeting impressive future leaders. I couldn't have asked for a better way to stay involved. ”

During the 2022-2023 academic year, 200+ student-alumni relationships were made through the Eagle Connections program. Communications occurred through telephone, email, and video call and yielded more than 1200 touchpoints!

Why is your role in Eagle Connections vital to Emory’s future? Read Inside Higher Ed’s article that features Emory as a trailblazer in alumni admission volunteer programs!


    Eagle Connections, formerly known as the Alumni Interview Program (AIP), is a partnership between Advancement & Alumni Engagement (AAE), the Office of Undergraduate Admission (OUA), and the Office of Undergraduate Education at Emory University that connects incoming and/or admitted first-year Emory students with alumni to build meaningful relationships. Eagle Connections is just one program under the Alumni Admission Network umbrella and in its prior iteration known as the Alumni Interview Program (AIP) has been one of the largest alumni engagement opportunities at Emory.

    We are pleased to offer a reimagination of the Alumni Interview Program (AIP) beginning the 2022-2023 academic year, called Eagle Connections. As we consulted the Office of Undergraduate Admission, they expressed that there was a need to shift efforts from prospective students to admitted students in order to support them through the enrollment stages. By focusing on enhancing relationships with students early on, we are confident that alumni will be a key factor in supporting the admitted student through their college decision journey.

    Based off of strategic conversations with university leadership, including the Office of Undergraduate Admission & Advancement and Alumni Engagement, along with a review of historical data, conversations with university peers, and best-practices, it was decided that the most beneficial audience to support with this initiative was admitted students.

    An evaluative alumni interview in the college admissions process is often considered a micro-barrier. Micro-barriers are roadblocks that a student encounters during the college search process which have the potential to cause the student undue harm related to their admissions. By providing a safe and low-risk environment for admitted students to explore the Emory experience through casual alumni conversations, we have removed a micro-barrier in the admissions process, supporting a more equitable process.

    Comprehensive training, include digital materials, virtual webinars, and more will be provided to volunteers. Volunteers are required to review all training resources prior to their first student conversation.

    Please contact Allyson Michael, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, at

    Emory alumni interested in volunteering with Eagle Connections should complete the Alumni Admission Network information form and notate their interest in Eagle Connections.

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    Allyson Michael
    Senior Associate Director of Alumni Engagement