Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

The Emory Advancement Volunteer Network

Advancement volunteers are students, faculty, staff, alumni, or friends who want to fundraise for an Emory cause they love. Your personal outreach is one of the most effective fundraising methods at Emory, which makes you one of the most important people in guiding others through the decision to make a gift.

We need you

When you share your Emory experience and why you give back to our community, your authentic voice inspires others to join you. Here are some ways you can be part of the Emory Advancement Volunteer Network:

  • support specific causes through crowdfunding
  • serve as an Emory Day of Giving Advancement Volunteer
  • receive a custom list for one-to-one fundraising outreach
  • lead as an Advancement Volunteer Network Chair

Among the benefits of joining this volunteer network, you’ll gain marketing and sales experience and learn how to tell compelling stories that drive people to act. Emory's fundraising tools make it quick and easy for you to raise support and do not have a cost or fee per donation—100 percent of the donations go to the cause. In addition, you’ll receive expert staff support to offer advice for planning and managing your digital fundraising campaign.

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Ways to volunteer

Below please find a brief synopsis of each of the fundraising pathways available to you through the Advancement Volunteer Network. Still wondering exactly what volunteer fundraising consists of? View our Advancement Volunteer Network Resource Hub to see how you raise your cause and fund your passion regardless of which pathway you choose.

Do you and your group want to support a specific cause?

Great! You can do just that with Emory’s easy-to-use crowdfunding platform. Momentum does the work for you by automating thank-you emails and tax receipts, and has built-in tools that allow you to amplify your outreach through social media.

The best part—projects receive 100 percent of all gifts. No fees.

Learn more about how you can generate momentum

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Group of Emory students sitting outside the Campus Life center (masked)

Are you looking for a one-day volunteer opportunity?

Emory Day of Giving is an annual event that brings the Emory community together to raise money for a variety of areas across the university. You’ll be able to tap into your competitive side with challenges, dollar-for-dollar matches, and other fun activities that make this a quick and impactful way to make a difference.

As a volunteer, we will provide you with a toolkit that includes sample messages and graphics, making it even easier for you to spread the word and rally your friends. 

Become an Emory Day of Giving volunteer

Do you love to talk to and meet people?

Through one-to-one outreach, you’ll connect with members of the Emory community from a hand-selected portfolio of contacts. Our team will guide you through the ins and outs of the outreach list and tracking your progress as well as provide tips and tricks for your conversations.

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Are you short on time but big on giving back?

We have an easy way to fundraise that does not require a huge time commitment on your end. 

You tell us your preferred passion area or cause at Emory, and we’ll create a custom online donation form for you. You can take that form and push it out on your social media accounts, text it to your friends, or email it to your contacts.

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Do you want to grow volunteer fundraising participation within your network?

This is your chance to lead. By serving as an Advancement Volunteer Network chair, you recruit and guide other volunteers as part of a regional network, affinity group, or personal network. You’ll learn from Emory leadership and fundraising experts who will provide you with the tools and support you need to raise money for the causes that matter to your network.

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Senior Vice President Joshua R. Newton speaking to an alum at an event
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Do you have a passion for health care and medical research?

Raise funds for your favorite Emory Healthcare and Winship causes using a personal do-it-yourself Fundraising page via TeamRaiser. This opportunity is best for individuals who will rely on personal outreach to raise money for select Emory Healthcare and Winship funds. The simple three-step process allows anyone to expand the possibilities.

Raise money for Winship Cancer Institute

Raise money for Emory Healthcare