Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Emory Regional Networks International

A group of seven male alumni with two young boys standing in a street. Each of them have coats, jeans, and tennis shoes on and are holding a flat that says Emory Alumni Chapter of Spain.


Connect with Emory wherever you are.

The Emory Network gives you the opportunity to meet other members of the Emory community in your area. Whether you're learning from our notable faculty members or attending a community gathering, our groups are designed to keep you connected with your alma mater—no matter your distance from Emory’s gate.

Emory Austria Network

Network contact:
Clara Kluckner 11N
Anna Maria Berger FLTA 15

Emory Brazil Network

Network contacts:
Rafael Barbalat 19B

Emory Canada Network

Network contacts:
Shikhar Jha 16B
Florin Corcoz 17B

Emory China Network

Network contacts:
Quan Hu 10B

Emory France Network

Network contact: 
Cyril Israel 10B

Emory Germany Network

Network contacts:
Anastasia Radziwill

Emory Hong Kong Network

Network contact: 
En Hong 05C

Emory India Network

Network contact: 
Neha Prakash 13B

Emory Indonesia Network

Network contact:
William Hadibowo 19B

Emory Israel Network

Network contacts:
Jonathan Goldsmith 04B

Emory Japan Network

Network contact:
Hikari Hasegawa 15Ox 17B
Yuki Miyatake 23B

Emory Netherlands Network

Network contact:
Zachary Nesbitt 16B

Emory Singapore Network

Network contact: 
Eric Schaffer 09C
Jamie Koh  07B

Emory South Korea Network

Network contact: 
Leo Koh  13Ox 17B
Vincent Yoo 17B

Emory Spain Network

Network contact: 
Michael Di Santo 84C

Emory Switzerland Network

Network contact: 
Alp Sigin 21B
George Andres Butatti 16B

Emory Taiwan Network

Network contact: 
Jeremy On 18Ox 21C

Emory Turkey Network

Network contact: 
Sibel Tanriyar 18C

Emory United Arab Emirates Network

Network contacts:
Digant Raj Kapoor 10Ox 12C
Rishone Iyengar 12C

Emory United Kingdom Network

Network contact:
Jennifer Mariana Mina Valencia

Staff Contact

Our staff are available to answer any questions you have about getting involved with the Atlanta networks.