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Alumni Engagement

Ashaki Noni Holmes-Kidd 05C

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Administrative Officer | Parkway Property Investments | Orlando, FL

Ashaki Noni Holmes-Kidd is an attorney, community leader, and avid traveler who has visited all seven continents with her husband, Judge Embry Kidd 05C. At Parkway Property Investments, a real estate investment firm that owns and operates commercial office and industrial assets throughout the United States, she oversees all legal and compliance matters along with Parkway’s day-to-day operations. Before joining Parkway, Holmes-Kidd worked at Promontory Financial Group and was an associate at Hogan Lovells in Washington, D.C. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law. Holmes-Kidd has been named a “Woman to Watch” and “40 under 40” by the Orlando Business Journal and received the ATHENA NextGen Emerging Leader Award from i4 Business magazine. She and her husband are honored to serve on the Emory College Alumni Board.

“I grew so much as a person while at Emory. Emory exposed me to a world of limitless possibilities, and the lessons I learned—both in and outside of the classroom, from professors and students alike—helped shape me into the person I am today. I found my voice at Emory. I met my best friends at Emory, and I also met my husband there.”

    When Ashaki Noni Holmes-Kidd 05C isn’t working, volunteering, or parenting her four-year-old, she travels. “My husband and I didn’t set out to visit all seven continents, but I’m really glad we did,” she said. Her favorite places so far have been Antarctica and Machu Pichu, Peru.

    Holmes-Kidd, a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, serves as senior vice president, general counsel, and chief administrative officer for Orlando-based Parkway Property Investments. She oversees all legal and compliance matters for the company while also managing the company's corporate office functions, including human resources and IT.

    She credits her undergraduate experience at Emory for much of her success. “Emory provides opportunities to try different things, and those opportunities come from the classroom and the dorm rooms,” she said. “Having a world-class education is a pathway to success, but the ability to build relationships with people who were vastly different from me—that was amazing. And all those opportunities help encourage interesting career paths.”

    Holmes-Kidd appreciates Emory’s interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts. “I was a political science major with an economics minor, but I took so many courses that had nothing to do with my area of study. I took courses in Greek archaeology, African American studies, art history, and classical political thought, where I met my husband,” she added.

    She and her husband, Judge Embry Kidd 05C, both serve on the Emory College Alumni Board. “We want to give back, but not just in dollars,” she said. Serving on the board “was a unique way to roll up our sleeves and jump in.”

    A self-described “planner,” Holmes-Kidd said she has been thinking a lot about the future. “I’ve worked so hard, and I enjoy my work, but in my next decade I want to create more opportunities for joy,” she said. “I want my 40s to be my most joyful decade yet.”