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Alumni Engagement

Doug DeMuro 10C

Chief Car Enthusiast 
Cars & Bids 
San Diego, California

Doug DeMuro's passion for cars has been a lifelong pursuit. After a role at Porsche Cars North America in Atlanta, he decided to venture into the world of filming car videos. In just a few years, he managed to build the largest American car review channel on YouTube, with nearly 5 million subscribers, 2 billion lifetime views, and more than 1,000 videos.

Recognizing the potential risks of relying solely on YouTube as a career, DeMuro took a strategic step in 2020 by founding an online enthusiast car auction business, Cars & Bids. This endeavor quickly grew into a successful startup, now employing nearly 45 individuals and auctioning more than 150 enthusiast cars each week. In 2022, DeMuro sold the majority of Cars & Bids, but he continues to relish in creating car videos and reviewing a wide range of vehicles, from Bugattis to Buicks.