Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Jonathon Cohen 03C

Associate Professor | Emory University | Atlanta, GA

Jonathon Cohen has devoted his career to caring for patients with lymphoma and developing clinical trials investigating new therapies. While at Emory for his undergraduate studies, he worked in the psychology lab of Professor Irwin Waldman—an expert in the role of genetics in behavior. His training and career have taken him to the University of Florida for medical school and The Ohio State University for residency and fellowship before joining the Emory School of Medicine faculty in 2013. Cohen leads the lymphoma program at the Winship Cancer Institute and has developed and led national trials evaluating outcomes for new lymphoma treatments. He also mentors future oncologists and early career faculty at Emory and nationwide.

“In addition to a well-rounded undergraduate education, I also experienced my first interaction with research during my time at Emory. I worked with Dr. Waldman and his graduate students investigating ADHD in children. This included interacting with families, interpreting data, and ultimately composing an honors thesis and defending my work. It was challenging but significantly enriched my experience and put me on a path toward a career in clinical research. I still frequently employ the statistical methods I used during that work in my current projects.”