Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Lauren Murphy 15G 18G

Associate Vice President
New York, New York

Lauren Murphy's career is marked by her deep knowledge of the evolutionary, psychological, and brain-based foundations of human behavior. Her professional journey has involved various approaches and a range of species, all unified by her passion for unraveling intriguing and complex behavioral puzzles.

Her journey began at Emory University, where she served as a research associate, focusing on the study of emotion and memory in nonhuman primates. Driven by the insights derived from comparative psychology, she pursued her doctorate in the neuroscience and animal behavior program, working under the mentorship of Emory researcher Jocelyn Bachevalier.

In her current role as an associate vice president at Material, Murphy leads research and development efforts, seeking innovative ways to gain deep insights into consumers. She guides top brands in making decisions that respect the psychological factors influencing consumer perceptions and decision-making.