Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Melissa Goldberg Mintz 11C

Clinical Assistant Professor; Baylor College of Medicine
Secure Base Psychology, P LLC; Owner
Houston, Texas

Melissa Goldberg Mintz's journey at Emory laid the foundation for her entire career. She came to the university with the intention of studying psychology and quickly found herself as a research assistant in the Personality and Psychopathology Lab. Her involvement in collaborative research and manuscript writing within the lab ignited her passion for writing and a deep commitment to the study of trauma.

During her graduate studies, she became attuned to the pivotal role that parents can play in the treatment of trauma. Recognizing the lack of comprehensive parenting books on the subject, she leveraged her writing skills nurtured at Emory to fill this gap. Her manuscript was accepted for publication by the same press that had published many of the psychology textbooks she had studied as an undergraduate at Emory.

Currently, Mintz serves as clinical faculty at Baylor College of Medicine. She dedicates herself to treating patients in her private practice and extends her expertise globally, traveling to train other psychologists in the principles outlined in her award-winning book.