Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Nicole Ligon 13C

Assistant Professor 
Campbell University School of Law 
Durham, North Carolina 

Nicole Ligon is an assistant professor at Campbell University, and she attributes her interest in academic research to her time at Emory. It all began during her first year when she engaged in an independent study with Professor of Dance Sally Radell. Together, they conducted research and published a study on the impact of classroom mirrors on ballet dancers' body image. This experience ignited her passion for academic research.

Today, her research focuses on the ways in which speech policies either support or hinder various forms of communication. As an attorney, she has provided guidance to sexual assault survivors on how to share their experiences while safeguarding against defamation claims. Her expertise is evident in her numerous contributions to law reviews.

However, the most rewarding aspect of Ligon's career is her role as an educator, teaching aspiring lawyers who are sparking change in their communities. During Ligon’s time at Emory, Associate Professor Kimberly Wallace-Sanders played a pivotal role in encouraging her to consider a career in academia, which combines her love for research and teaching. She is grateful to be in her dream job at an institution that supports her commitment to her family.