Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Niyeti Shah 15C

Food Systems Collaborative 
Salt Lake City, Utah

Niyeti Shah is a dedicated food policy advocate and a professional in the realm of food systems. In the past year, she took the lead in orchestrating a coalition comprising more than 60,000 individuals and 70 organizations, rallying for the introduction, advocacy, and successful passage of legislation aimed at addressing food waste and food insecurity in the United States. 

In 2023, Shah took the bold step of establishing Food Systems Collaborative Consulting, a company dedicated to assisting organizations seeking to engage with food policy. Additionally, she co-founded the Food Systems Collaborative Community, a network that unites professionals in the food systems sector who are eager to accelerate meaningful change.

Prior to launching the Food Systems Collaborative, Shah held the position of director of social impact at WeightWatchers International and served as an associate director at the Milken Institute's Center for Public Health. During her tenure at the Milken Institute, she led the Sustainable Food Systems Initiative, with a particular focus on food procurement policy and enhancing access to the WIC program.