Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Pamela Mallinga 06C

Independent Epidemiology Consultant
Nairobi, Kenya

Pamela Asekenye Mallinga completed a dual major in Spanish and international studies at Emory, specializing in conflict and security. After obtaining a master of public health in epidemiology from the University of Michigan, she delved into health research before transitioning to a new focus: designing user-centered digital solutions aimed at enhancing the health and social outcomes for women and girls. In the field of epidemiology, Mallinga focused on understanding causal pathways and factors affecting population outcomes. Her expertise—particularly in the ethical use of digital platforms to influence health-related behaviors—became crucial in regions where internet connectivity was emerging.

Throughout the past decade, Mallinga has lived and worked across Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and she is currently based in Kenya. She has led programs spanning nine countries across three continents, providing a diverse and extensive perspective in addressing varied health challenges.

During the 2019 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mallinga worked to combat the “infodemic,” pervasive misinformation that exacerbated the spread of the virus. An increase in available electricity and internet connectivity added to the challenge. Insights she gained from this experience helped shape global responses during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, underlining the necessity for reliable information and swift response systems.