Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Rachel Hershenberg 06C

Assistant Professor | Emory University | Atlanta, GA

Rachel Hershenberg is an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and director of psychotherapy in Emory’s Treatment Resistant Depression Program. As a licensed clinical psychologist, board certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology, she specializes in the research and treatment of depression. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree from Emory, Hershenberg graduated from Stony Brook University with a PhD in clinical psychology and completed her clinical internship at the Charleston Consortium. Before proudly returning to Emory as a faculty member, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in mental health research.

During her time as an Emory undergraduate, Hershenberg fell in love with the field of clinical psychology and the city of Atlanta. Her passion is in bridging academic science with clinical practice to improve the lives of people struggling with depression, which motivated her to publish her first self-help book, Activating Happiness.

“Through a Learn Link group, I read a post about working as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Drew Westen’s psychology lab. Being a research assistant opened the world of clinical research to me. While there, I became the lead research assistant and learned everything I could from Dr. Westen’s graduate students. Not only did Emory put me on my career path, but I also met my husband who was a fellow Emory Helpline volunteer.”