Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Rosie Hunter 05C

Founder and Psychologist 
Test Wolf 
McKinney, Texas 

Rosie Hunter cherished every moment of her college experience. During her time at Emory, her innate empathy for others and her fascination with the human condition were nurtured and magnified, thanks to the guidance and mentorship of research psychologists such as Drs. Kim Wallen, Scott Lilienfeld, Marshall Duke, and Stephen Nowicki. She says Emory equipped her with an exploratory approach to behavioral science and instilled the confidence to navigate any environment. Her career journey since then has been a thrilling and rewarding adventure.

Hunter's path has been diverse, as she began her career as a White House intern and later served as an active-duty Army psychologist. She transitioned to a role as a business psychology consultant and also embarked on a career as a therapist in private practice.

Currently, Hunter primarily focuses on her role as the founder of Test Wolf, an education technology startup. Test Wolf offers on-demand, evidence-based strategies to reduce test anxiety. This venture represents a continuation of her lifelong commitment to turning moments of adversity into opportunities to build the mindset and behaviors needed for a more confident and courageous future.