Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Rylee Sommers-Flanagan 11C

Founder and Executive Director 
Upper Seven Law 
Helena, Montana

Rylee Sommers-Flanagan's passion for two places, Montana and Atlanta, reflects her deep appreciation for the experiences that shaped her life. Montana holds a special place in her heart as the "last, best place," while Atlanta, specifically Emory University, instilled in her a profound sense of intellectual curiosity and a strong commitment to service. She firmly believes that having a supportive community in which to be creative, kind, hardworking, and engaged can be transformational. 

After her time at Emory, Sommers-Flanagan continued her educational journey by studying creative writing at St Andrews as a Bobby Jones Scholar and later attending Stanford Law School. In February 2021, she established Upper Seven Law, a nonprofit law firm based in Montana with a dedicated mission to hold the powerful accountable. In just over two years, the firm has filed 17 lawsuits, securing victories in nine of them, and experiencing just a single setback in a motion for summary judgment. Their primary focus involves suing the state of Montana for violating the Montana Constitution. In May, Sommers-Flanagan and her colleagues made headlines by taking legal action against Fox News for defaming individuals instead of providing accurate reporting.