Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Shijuade Kadree 03Ox 05C 09L 09PH

Founder and Principal | Compass Strategies Consulting LLC | Atlanta, GA

Shijuade Kadree centers her approach from an unapologetically Black, queer, feminist perspective, believing that when all of those identities are engaged and addressed, all will benefit from the outcome. This grounding ethic has led her to work as a public defense attorney, legislative counsel, chief advocacy officer, and shaper of tech company culture. Her experience across multiple social interests and sectors informs the incisive, proactive approach to her changemaking work.

A recipient of multiple awards for her work, Kadree is also a speaker, panelist, commentator, and moderator. Currently, she is sought out for professional consulting services through her Atlanta-based firm, Compass Strategies Consulting.

"Of course, the top-notch educational experiences and academic challenges have been cornerstones of my success. But more important, having the opportunity to pursue interests and build my own academic, professional, and extracurricular journey critically enlarged my perception of what possibilities the world held for me. I learned the multiple facets of leadership, from direct service, community building, servant leadership, stakeholder engagement, and various leadership roles across the four colleges of Emory. At each stage of my career, I have drawn upon the experiences and lessons learned during my time at Emory, and it has shaped me into the values-driven leader I am today!”