Advancement and
Alumni Engagement

Ted Goshorn 15T 21T

Pastor | Eastman First United Methodist Church | Eastman, GA

Ted Goshorn walks the journey of life with those he serves and loves it. He does this through ministry as a United Methodist pastor in rural middle Georgia. Goshorn began his career in ministry in 2012, leaving behind a career in higher education. That same year, he started at the Candler School of Theology, finding himself both overwhelmed by the challenge and enchanted by all he was learning. This learning not only equipped him for the career ahead but inspired him to think creatively, granting vision to see how ministry can bring community partners together to find innovative solutions to vexing local problems. Goshorn does this both through the church as well as through service in local organizations, such as the Eastman-Dodge County Area Chamber of Commerce, which he also leads. When he’s not leading or preaching, Goshorn enjoys outdoor activities and other adventures with his family.