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A Family Affair | FAQs

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Please take a look at the frequently asked questions below. Then email if further assistance is needed.

    Simply email providing proof of payment, if possible (i.e. front and back copy of check, receipt from paying online, etc.). Our Office of Gift Accounting will then research your gift and resend a receipt by mail.
    Business casual is the attire for the Patron Party. Cocktail attire is customary for the main event.

    Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

    The IRS has issued guidance that it is impermissible for a Donor Advised Fund to pay any part of a gift that results in the original donor receiving a benefit such as being able to attend an event. Unlike in the past, DAFs cannot pay even just the charitable portion of the transaction if the original donor is able to attend the event as a result of the entire transaction. Therefore, attendees to events must pay the entire amount personally and not through a DAF. 

    For example:  If you pay $2,500 for a Benefactor Sponsorship through a DAF, you will not get any meals or event admission in exchange. The sponsorship benefits that you will be eligible for will merely be marketing opportunities, such as name recognition and program book space.


    IRA payments may be used for full or partial sponsorship payments. Based on your IRA payment, Emory will provide a receipt specifying the charitable portion and/or the FMV for tangible benefits. 

    Example 1: If you pay $2,500 for a Benefactor Sponsorship through an IRA, you'll receive the two tickets allotted for that sponsorship level. Your gift receipt will reflect the FMV and charitable amount based on tangible benefits received.

    Example 2: If you pay for a $2,500 Benefactor Sponsorship using $2,300 from an IRA plus $200 from personal funds to cover the FMV of tangible benefits, you will receive two tickets. Your gift receipt will be for the IRA charitable portion only.


    Foundations may accept or decline the benefits. Please refer to the IRS guidelines on “Self-Dealing” regarding disqualified persons i.e, Directors, Trustees, Officers, Foundation Managers, and Substantial Contributors. No bifurcation of payments allowed.

    Thanks for your interest in giving! Contributions can be made in the ways described below:

    Pay Online

    Click here to pay online and register any guests.


    Please make all checks payable to "Emory GADRC" and include "2023 A Family Affair - appeal H4VFF" on the memo line to help ensure that it gets allocated as intended. Mail checks to the following address along with this Sponsorship Reply Form:

    Office of Gift Accounting
    Emory University
    1762 Clifton Road NE, Suite 2400
    MS: 0970-001-9AA
    Atlanta, GA 30322-4001

    Wire Transfer

    Emory's banking information can be found online here. For the "Reference," please include "2023 A Family Affair - appeal H4VFF" and whether you plan to use the tickets allotted for your sponsorship. Email to make us aware that your payment is coming. 

    Emory University is a Georgia nonprofit corporation and is a tax-exempt entity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax ID Number/EIN is 58-0566256.

    Simply email any guest list changes you'd like. Please be mindful that the tax-deductibility of your gift will remain the same as when you originally communicated how many tickets you would use.

    For example: If you buy a sponsorship requesting admission for four and later decide that only two guests will come on your behalf, the charitable amount of your gift will be calculated based on four attendees. 

    No. Presently, we only plan for A Family Affair to take place in person on November 9, 2023, at the Atlanta History Center. Yet, if we are unable to gather in person due to COVID restrictions, this will likely become a virtual event.

    No qualitative or comparative advertising of a sponsor’s products or services, such as pricing, savings, value, purchase/sale inducements, etc. can be included in the program book.

    The Georgia Department of Revenue issued guidelines that non-profits are to apply sales tax to benefits.  8.9% sales tax is included as part of the FMV.