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Mary Rose Taylor was a journalist, philanthropist, and visionary. When her second husband Mack Taylor battled Alzheimer's disease, she not only sought to care for him, but to improve the odds for others. She launched A Family Affair in 2010 to benefit Emory's Goizueta Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC), which she became involved with throughout Mack's treatment. Since that initial event, A Family Affair has raised more than $9.5 million dollars for Alzheimer's research.


Alzheimer's disease affects approximately 6.7 million people in our nation, with the number expected to reach 13 million by 2050. Goizueta ADRC was established in 2005 to study various forms of cognitive impairment, to develop treatment solutions, and to provide care. It is a part of a national network of Alzheimer’s research centers supported by the National Institutes of Health. The Goizueta ADRC team consists of more than 100 professionals led by Allan Levey, MD, PhD. Together, we serve nearly 2,700 patients and supporting family members annually.  


A Family Affair cannot take place without leaders who understand the importance of the Goizueta ADRC and devote their time and energy to the event. The volunteers below were at the helm in 2023.


Pictured left to right: Dr. Allan Levey, Amanda and Don Sentell, Roger J. Smith

ROGER J. SMITH, Event Chair

Roger J. Smith is a historic preservationist perhaps best known for relocating the beautiful Randolph Lucas Jones House to its current location in Ansley Park. His involvement in A Family Affair has been inspired by his father, Jack Cutts Smith, an Emory alumnus who battled Alzheimer's disease. 


The Sentells are huge advocates of the Goizueta ADRC and, more specifically, the work of Dr. Allan Levey. Soon after Don's first wife passed away from Lewy body dementia in 2014, he was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. Dr. Levey has been a medical provider to both of them. Additionally, Amanda has been an active member of the A Family Affair Steering Committee, and we are thrilled to have the Sentells as co-chairs this year.

Steering Committee

The benevolent volunteers below help guide A Family Affair's development and fundraising. Interested in joining the team? Email

Sandra Baldwin
Andrew Barge
Anne Barge Clegg
Nancy Carithers
Pearlann Horowitz
Barbara and Peter Howell
Shawne and Steven Jacobs
Ginger and Hill Jeffries
Valeria MacPhail
Harriet Shaffer
Marsha Taylor
Bright Wright

Former Event Chairs

The people below have caringly and courageously carried the torch for A Family Affair, increasing its success annually.

2010 - Mary Rose Taylor
2011 - Madeline and Howell Adams
2012 - Harriet and Charlie Shaffer
2013 - Sarah and Jim Kennedy
2014 - Sarah and Walton Clarke 
2015 - Greg and Taz Anderson
2016 - Sally and Warren Jobe
2017 - Pearlann and Jerry Horowitz
2018 - Sue and John McKinley
2019 - Carolyn and Lem Hewes
2020 - Jim and Sally Morgens
2021 - Anne Barge Clegg
2022 - Anne Barge Clegg, Event Chair | Roger J. Smith, Co-Chair